Our Programs


Infants (8 weeks to 16months)

Your child's developmental journey gets off to a strong start in the Kinder Haus infant program.  Research tells us that the brain develops more in the first 3 years of life than at any other point in human development.    The infant program is designed using the Creative Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers.  This nationally recognized curriculum sets forth developmentally appropriate goals and objectives to ensure your baby will make the most of this period of rapid cognitive, emotional, and physical growth. 

We recognize that creating a supportive partnership while your baby is in our care is a priority.  Our infant program strives to make the transition between home and school smooth and enjoyable for the whole family. We provide a stimulating and nurturing environment and communicate with parents on a daily basis through written daily reports. Your baby will have opportunities to explore every day phenomena in many first-hand sensory ways to increase individualized schedules, nurturing primary caregivers, and safe classrooms will ensure your infant's days are enriching.   


Toddlers and Two's (12 months to 38 months)

Our Toddler and Two's program offers a safe environment that's perfect for your active toddler to explore.  Your toddler is entering an exciting time of growth and discovery.  She/he is gaining and asserting independence - through milestones such as first steps, first words, drinking from a cup, and potty-training.   Kinder Haus will be your partner in supporting this growth. Our Toddler and Two's teachers create a classroom environment with many different areas where your child is encouraged to explore and learn. We maintain a daily routine to provide the structure toddlers crave and we offer the excitement of daily discoveries. 




Preschool (3 years to 5 years)

 At three-years old, children become aware of the world around them and of the role others play in it.  They begin to talk about their world and thoughts in complete sentences.  Our three-year old preschool and child care program continues to promote the development of the whole child using the Creative Curriculum for Preschool. This comprehensive, research- based curriculum features exploration and encourages children to make and test hypotheses, develop skills for using technology, explore their world and the people in it, and engage their creative thinking skills.  Units of study include balls, buildings, clothing, and trees - all of which are part of their big world.  Language and literacy activities are integrated throughout the studies. Imagination and creativity are enhanced through our daily art and music activities.  Many opportunities are provided for the development of gross motor skills including the use of Mighty Minutes and the Choosy Kids program.  The teachers use the curriculum as a framework to create small group activities to help children develop positive peer relationships. 


School-Aged Child Care (Kindergarten - 4th grade)

With a unique school age program that includes transportation to and from various local elementary schools, our school-aged child care program combines learning and fun for the children ages 5-4th grade. Available before school and after school, our program offers a dinner, a homework period, outdoor games and activities, craft projects, and much more. Focused on building the whole child, our school-age program presents learning in a laid back and loosely structured setting, giving the older kids the chance to take a breath after a long day at school.  These kids are full of curiosity and ingenuity - how to build the perfect racetrack, using science to make exploding goop, or creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece - and learning how to be leaders and positive role models to the younger children.  

Enrollment for the before/after school program begins July 1st.

Our Summer Camp is offered the first day of Monongalia County Schools summer break until the first day of classes in Monongalia County Schools.  The summers are filled with thematic weeks that include dress-ups days, swimming, fishing, crafts, movies, and a variety of other field trips.  Our campers choose a community project that they work on together throughout the summer.  The projects have included monthly letters to soldiers, a canned food drive, and a pet food drive.  The summer wraps up with a Kinder Haus Olympics.  The children practice skills throughout the summer within their teams and compete for prizes and medals.  This fun is the perfect way to round out the summer.    

Enrollment for Summer Camp begins March 1st.