It is the goal of Kinder Haus to support the family of each child enrolled by providing quality care and education to children. Kinder Haus provides a safe, warm environment, educational opportunities and activities, and qualified professionals. Emphasis is placed upon making each child feel loved and accepted. Each child is allowed the opportunity to express his/her own ideas and feelings through a well-rounded curriculum (The Creative Curriculum) including activities in the areas of art, gross and fine motor development, language, literature, science, math, dramatic play, music, and creative movement.


Our program is designed to maximize individual development. Planned activities focus on the process of learning. The emphasis is on the experiences of the children rather than the results of those experiences. For example, the experience of painting is more important than what is painted; building with blocks is more important that what is built.


Each child has his or her own set of possibilities and we encourage the unfolding of these possibilities. Days are filled with planned and spontaneous moments of learning. There is time for active outdoor play, imaginative games, independent discovery and group-time experiences.


At Kinder Haus, child development specialists incorporate a developmentally appropriate curriculum that stimulates growth in the following areas:


  • Intellectual: By providing opportunities for children to experience math, science, reading, memory skills, language development and social science.
  • Social: By providing opportunities for children to interact with adults and peers, guided by models of socially acceptable behavior.
  • Emotional: By offering opportunities for children to establish positive self-concept and offering opportunities for children to succeed, express ideas, gain an understanding of themselves as a valuable person to understand their emotions.
  • Physical: By providing opportunities and activities that develop large and small muscles.